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Classic Flavors - $7.50 / Dozen

Chocolate Chip

Made with your choice of semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips

Chocolate Drop

Topped with pow​dered sugar

Chocolate Drop w/  White Chocolate Chips

A perfect combination of chocolate and white chocolate 

Drop Sugar

Soft yet chewy sugar cookie coated in your choice of sugar color (See below for colors)

Oatmeal Coconut

Chewy oatmeal cookie with flakes of sweetened coconut

Oatmeal Raisin

Chewy oatmeal cookie with raisins

Sugar Colors

Specialty Flavors - $8.50 Dozen


Traditional thumbprint cookie with your choice of filling.

Filling options: Vanilla Buttercream, Strawberry, Apricot, or Lemon

Only 1 filling per dozen

Toffee Butter

A shortbread cookie filled with Heath Candy bits

Cinnamon Pecan

A vanilla flavored cookie with chopped pecans. Rolled in cinnamon sugar.

Seasonal Flavors - $8.50 Dozen   

(Available October-December)

NEW! Hot Cocoa Cookies 

Soft chocolate cocoa flavored cookie complete with mini marshmallows

Chocolate w/ Peppermint Buttercream

Our chocolate drop cookie topped with lightly mint flavored buttercream frosting and finished with soft Andes mint bits.


Shortbread cookie with pecans rolled in powdered sugar.  Also called a Mexican Wedding Cookie.

Don't forget our Decorated Sugar Cookies!

Click here for our gallery of cookies and more information on pricing.

Cookie Cakes

Available in Chocolate Chip or Sugar (Servings based on 2" x 2" portion)

12 inch circle or shape

Serves up to 24

(Detailed design may add to cost)


Half Sheet Rectangle

Serves up to 50


Full Sheet Rectangle

Serves up to 80


Cookie Cake Gallery

Sugar Cookie Pizza

Our delicious sugar cookie recipe topped with our amazing buttercream "toppings".  

8 slices make up this 10 inch "pizza".  Also available for Halloween, as the pumpkin pie or the Christmas pizza.

$30 each

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